• 7 Do’s & Don’ts Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

    7 things every job seeker needs to knowWhether you’re new to the job market, searching for a job after an extended absence, or just switching careers, you need to know employers are looking for – both in your resume and during the interview.

    Employers today want to know what’s in it for them. Hiring managers are busy and it’s more important than ever to stand out and show them why you’re the right candidate for the job.

    Follow these tips for what to do and what NOT to do during your job search, to stand out from the crowd and capture your potential employers’ attention.

    DON’T do this on your resume…

    1. Experience: While experience is a plus, don’t list every position you’ve held since you entered the workforce. Instead, focus only on relevant, recent work experience that shows your interviewer you have the right skills needed for the job. Find additional resume tips here.

    2. Resume Gaps: Don’t ignore gaps in your resume. For example, if you took time off to care for a loved one, put “caregiver” in place of the gap. If you did volunteer work, briefly mention any relevant skills you developed that might prove useful in your line of work.

    DO this during your job search…

    3. Sharpen Your Skills: If you lack relevant, recent job experience, you might need to refresh your skills to become competitive. Begin by identifying the programs potential employers’ value. Then enroll in a class within your community or online. This not only shows your potential employer you are serious about the job, but it helps ease the resume gap and lack of skillset within your resume.

    4. Create Your Brand: One way to stand out during an interview is by creating your “brand”. Your brand is simply a sentence that “sells” you as the right candidate for the job. It should say who you are, what your greatest strength is and what the biggest benefit is that you can bring to the table.

    Use this as your common “theme” when answering questions throughout the interview to create a clear, distinct picture of who you are and why you are the person they’ve been searching for. Here is an example:

    • 3 things you want to highlight (in this example, for a welding position):
      o Who you are: I am an experienced welder.
      o Your greatest strength: My anything-is-possible, optimistic attitude.
      o Biggest benefit: I’m not afraid of challenges. I believe there is always a way.

    Your brand sentence: One thing I love about welding is a challenge. When someone tells me, “it’s not possible”; it’s a great feeling when I can overcome a difficult obstacle that stopped others in their tracks.

    Why this works: This brand statement shows the hiring manager you are open to challenges and suggests you would be a positive influence on other team members who might lack welding experience.

    DON’T do this during your interview…

    5. Don’t Get Too Comfortable: If it’s been awhile since your last interview, a friendly interviewer might catch you off guard and lead you into a discussion about personal topics that will later work against you.

    Things like health problems, a recent divorce or financial struggles might lead employers to think your job will take a back seat to personal problems down the road. Stay positive and show off your best self during the interview. Be sure to keep the discussion professional at all times.

    DO this after your interview…

    6. Be Patient: It’s important to understand that for you, this is a major event in your life, but for the interviewer, they are interviewing many other candidates and handling their day-to-day responsibilities. It’s okay to follow up, but don’t be a pest. Unless they state otherwise, follow up once, and if you receive no response, follow up once more. If you still don’t hear anything, move on.

    7. Send a Thank You Note: A well-written, thoughtful thank you note demonstrates your follow-through, attention to detail and your interest in the position.

    Rather than sending a generic “thank you for the opportunity” note that is all about you, think about your conversation during the interview and write something specific – both personal and business related.

    Express your appreciation for discussing a certain business topic and reference some personal aspect of the conversation (i.e. something about how their day was going, their weekend plans, anything else they discussed that shows you were paying attention and listening.)

    When to Send a Thank You Note

    Send your thank you note within 1 day of the interview. If they are looking to fill the position quickly, timing is a big factor and in this case, be sure to send an email they will see right away, not a hand written thank you card or letter.

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