• 7 Things You Need to Know Before Submitting Your Resume

    1. Resume TipsUse a Real email Address: You might be tempted to use your personal email address – coffeejunkie101@hotmail.com, but it screams unprofessional. A better option is setting up a different email account using your name like jane.doe@gmail.com
    2. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Feature your best accomplishments and experience in the top third of your resume. Hiring managers see the top section first, so it is critical that this section catches their attention and keeps them reading.
    3. Only include what is Necessary: Don’t think of your resume as a list of your career history. Think of it as a marketing piece selling you as the perfect fit for the job. Include only your experience, skills and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job. (It’s okay if you leave some things out.)
    4. Find and Use the Keywords Hiring Managers are looking for: Look at the original job description and take note of which words are used most often. Then use these words in your bullet points. This helps you not only tailor your resume to the job, but it gets you noticed in applicant tracking systems. If you’re not sure which words to use, copy and paste the job description into a tool like Wordle that will analyze the description and show you the most frequently used words.
    5. Overcome Work History Gaps: Have a few gaps in your work history? Instead of using start and end dates for each position, use years (2012-2014) or the number of months/years you worked at your previous positions.
    6. Address Job-Hopping on Your Resume: If you have legitimate reasons for job-hopping, include a “Reason for Leaving” next to each position with a brief explanation, to make it less of an issue. For example: “company closed”, “relocated to new city”, “layoff due to downsizing”, etc.
    7. Proof Read Your Resume: Typos are not only unprofessional, but they show poor attention to detail. If you are applying to be an accounting assistant and you list attention to detail in your skillset…as the old saying goes, “action, speaks louder than words” – and your resume will get tossed. Don’t rely on spell check alone, be sure to ask family members or friends to review your resume for you with a critical eye.

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