• 7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Before Your Next Job Interview

    7 Ways to reduce interview anxietyAnxiety is a turn-off. It doesn’t help that first impressions are critical – especially during an interview. It’s one thing to feel nervous before an interview, but letting the jitters consume you might jeopardize your chances of successfully landing the job you want most.

    If you want to avoid walking into your next interview as a nervous, sweaty mess, follow these 7 simple tips and walk into your interview calm, confident and ready to work.

    Remember: It’s okay to feel anxious, just don’t display it.

    1) Do a “Dry Run”

    Getting lost and arriving at the interview late would surely set you into a panic, so visit the   interview site the day before your interview and have one less thing to worry about.

    2) Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early

    Give yourself a buffer to allow for a last minute bathroom break or a quick peek in the mirror to be sure you look your best for the interview.

    How to overcome interview anxiety

    3) Plan for Traffic

    Even if you don’t live in a heavily congested area, allow extra time to plan for the unexpected traffic congestion due to an accident, construction, etc.

    4) Practice Makes Perfect

    Practice talking about:
    a. How and why you left your last job.
    b. What you can offer the employer. (Relate your strengths to what you know the company needs for this position.)
    c. Your greatest weaknesses and how they relate to the position.

    5) Shift Your Focus

    Shift your focus away from the jitters and toward the interviewer by listening carefully, taking notes and asking questions. Focusing on someone other than yourself is a great way to reduce anxiety.

    6) Shift Your Mindset

    Think of the interview as a conversation rather than an interrogation or an interview. Picture it this way: You are just two people working together toward a common goal that fills a need.

    7) Visualize Success

    Instead of worrying about all the ways you could humiliate yourself during the interview, visualize yourself nailing all the questions and being offered the position right on the spot. Very often in life, we get what we focus on most, so do as most Olympic athletes do and visualize success.

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