• 5 Simple Steps to Finding the Job You Really Want

    find-a-job-Hartford-wiAre you serious about finding a job? Not just any job, but a career – the one you want most?

    If you think applying to job boards is the way to go in this digital age, think again. According to Randall S. Hansen, founder of Quintessential Careers, the little-known truth is that only 5% of job seekers actually obtain a job through job board ads.

    An effective job search involves strategic planning, careful thought and research.

    Follow these 5 simple steps to maximize your job search and greatly improve your odds of landing your ideal job or career.

    1. Create a “Hit List” of Companies You Would Like to Work for

    Google Search: Start by searching for companies on Google by typing in the type of company and the zip code of the area you would like to work in. Just do a Google search for “manufacturing company near 53027” if you are looking for welding, CNC or general manufacturing work in Hartford, WI or “landscaping company near 53916” if you are looking for lawn maintenance or various landscaping work in Beaver Dam.

    Look to Your Network: Talk to everyone you know about the position you are looking for. Look to your family, friends, your hairdresser (they speak with a lot of people), or anyone else you come into contact with who might be able to point you toward landing that job you really want. After all, your odds of being hired dramatically improve when an existing employee at the company refers you.

    2. Define Your Job Search Criteria


    What are your top 5 priorities in a position? Are you looking for a certain type of position, company culture, or possibility of growth within the company? Once you define what motivates you as an employee, you will find it easier to customize your application toward opportunities that are in line with your skills and objectives.

    Remember, if you have an opportunity to interview for a job at the company you want to work for, but the job isn’t the best fit, be honest about your expertise and desire to work there. A better opportunity may arise within that company and you’ll already have your foot in the door!

    3. Carefully Read the Job Description

    This may sound obvious, but it pays dividends to carefully read job descriptions and only apply for positions that are in line with your skillset and focus, rather than applying for any position within your line of work. Often companies have limited flexibility on their mandates for education, but if you are confident you can do the job, be prepared to explain exactly how your experiences and skills are relevant to the position and why you are the best candidate for the job.

    4. Match Your Resume to the Company, Position and Requirements

    resume-helpRather than attempting to appeal to hiring managers with a “once size fits all” approach, take the time to customize your resume to match the job you want (many applicants don’t do this).

    Be sure to avoid making the classic mistake of sending a cover letter addressed to the wrong company or person.

    Once you apply online, take the extra step (most candidates also don’t do this) and email your resume to someone who is likely involved in the hiring and decision making process. This might be a manager, director or HR manager in the department you are applying to work in. Ultimately, to stand out from the crowd, you have to do what most people won’t – and that requires a little extra effort.

    5. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

    Follow up after submission: If you haven’t heard a response after submitting your resume and application, send a follow up email to ensure they received it. Keep your email short and restate why you would like to work for the company, what you bring to the table and how your skillset will benefit the business.

    Follow up after the interview: Once your interview is over, be sure to follow up the same day. This reinforces that you are interested in the position and it will help hiring managers keep you in mind throughout the hiring process.

    The “Shortcut” to Finding the Job You Want

    While these 5 steps are simple, they do require extra time and effort.

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