Is there an employee fee to register with Staffing Support Specialists?
No, our services are 100% free to all applicants.
Where are Staffing Support Specialist’s jobs located?
Most of our jobs are located in Dodge and Washington, Waukesha and Ozaukee Counties.
How often do I need to call in for openings?
You can call in anytime you’d like. However, all applicants are included in our data base searches and will be notified when a position is available that matches your skills and experience.
Where can I find what positions are currently open?
Here on our website, under Job Openings. We also list openings on CraigsList, Facebook, area newspapers, and local radio stations.
What if I’m not interested in an offered position, may I turn it down?
Yes, we are a staffing agency that takes the time to find the right position for you. If you turn down a position, you will still remain active in our data base for other opportunities.
Once I’m offer a job what do I need to bring in for orientation?
You will need a passport OR 2 forms of identification. Also, you will need your banking account and routing numbers for direct deposit of your paychecks.
When is pay day and how do I receive my pay checks?
Our pay days our every Friday for the previous week worked. Your paychecks will be direct deposited into the account you provide. If you don’t have a current bank account, we will issue you a Global Cash Card during orientation.
What if I’m in a current position that is not working out for me?
Please notify us immediately. We will discuss your current situation to determine whether we need to find a new suitable position for you.
Are there any employee benefits?
We offer a referral bonus to all employees. Also, based on your employment classification you may be eligible for attendance bonus’ and holiday pay.
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