“Let me give you some feedback” is rarely followed by positivity. As a result, it’s easier to avoid feedback than listen and accept it.

In our business, we strive to be kind and direct with the frequent amount of feedback we provide. It’s not an easy balance. We receive feedback as well and suggest the following when you hear the phrase, “Let me give you some feedback.”

Listen for Useful Information

What is actionable? What did you not know? At the very least, what have you learned about how the person providing the feedback?

Be Thoughtful About What You Can Change

Sometimes I take a few days to sit with feedback before I can find the part that applies to me. While it might be painful, it can be an opportunity to grow and improve. This doesn’t mean the provider is always correct. Be careful to not lose yourself in the words of others.

React to the Feedback Provider

“Take feedback in the spirit it was provided.” In most situations, there is positive intent and a simple “thank you” suffices.

While I don’t love getting feedback, I work hard to listen and improve where I can. I hope this is a helpful perspective for you, too!

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