It’s your first day and you want to make a great impression. Wonderful! Each of the following might seem like common sense and yet we often see people get tripped up by one or more of these. Don’t be like them!

  1. Be on Time. Leave 15 minutes early just so you can account for unexpected traffic or wrong turns. Don’t enter the building until 5 minutes before you’re supposed to be there.
  2. Dress Nicely. Make sure you understand the dress code and wear clothing that is clean and neat. And, as I’ve said to my son when he first entered the workforce: wash up, comb your hair, and wear deodorant!
  3. Pay Attention. First days are generally full of paperwork and orientations. It’s often boring and difficult to retain all the information you’re given. Stay engaged, take notes, and ask questions!
  4. Stay Off Your Phone. Even if you are using it to look up information related to the job, others don’t know that. Best practice is putting the phone away entirely during the workday.

Follow these tips and head into your first day with confidence.