You applied for a job and find out you have an interview. Wonderful! In addition to understanding your own skills and experience, there are 6 ways to “wow” the interviewer and increase your likelihood of getting the job.

1. Eye contact. Convey a sense of confidence by making direct eye contact throughout the interview. Don’t be creepy, though, by staring.

2. Strong handshake. Not overpowering, but not weak either. Practice with a friend! {Note that during a pandemic this one might be avoided.}

3. Honesty. You always want to paint yourself in the best light, but never lie in the process.

4. Enthusiasm. This doesn’t mean you have to bounce off the walls. It does mean that you express a strong interest in this opportunity and what you can contribute.

5. No complaining. Any time you are talking about a past job or boss or experience, follow the rule: “respect the past.” If you complain in an interview, your prospective employer will wonder when you’ll start complaining about them.

6. Knowledge about the company and opening. If you want to show that you care about this job, look at the company’s website, and read the job posting.