You feel like you have a never-ending cycle of people starting then leaving you. Let’s explore five reasons this might be happening to you.

Better pay and benefits

This is particularly important at the lower end of the pay scale when $1.00/hour can be 10% or more of an employee’s hourly wages. While they might love your company, they are at a far greater risk of leaving for a higher paycheck if they are not able to cover basic expenses while working for you.

Skills mismatch

They may love you but dislike the job responsibilities. Perhaps it’s too routine or not routine enough. Maybe they can’t handle unhappy customers. You need someone welcoming at the front desk and they are gruff in nature. Oftentimes there is only one solution: let them go and ensure the next person is a better match.

Team dynamics

I have seen teams reject a new team member for the slightest error. Or an employee who everyone knows can be a jerk yet remains employed and unchecked. You will pay a high price if you do not fix this problem because you won’t be able to retain good employees.

Lack of training

On-the-job training is a great way to learn if the new employee has access to strong resources, a good mentor, and early mistakes will be forgiven. When employees feel criticized and unable to succeed in a job, they will leave.

Poor management

“People don’t leave companies, they leave their manager.” You might do everything else right, but you will have turnover on teams where the manager or supervisor communicates poorly, micro-manages staff, or doesn’t support their team. Good management and leadership are critical to your entire team’s success!

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