Following are the three basic stages for finding a job:

1. Find and express interest in a job

This might be as simple as walking into a store with a “we’re hiring” sign and letting them know you’re interested. Or perhaps you see an online job posting and you click to apply.

How do you find all of the openings in your area? There isn’t a single place or method that lists every available job near you. Stores often only post at their locations. You will find most online job postings at each individual company’s website. consolidates a lot of postings, but not all.

While staffing firms don’t have access to every opening, they can serve as a single source for jobs across many employers. Further, you might find it helpful to discuss different openings with an expert, which increases the chance that you find a job that’s right for you.

2. Determine if you’re a good match

In this stage, make sure you assess the company as much as they assess you. Before spending too much time on a position, check that the job basics are right for you: not just the type of job, but your travel time to work, shift, and pay range.

Different companies use different methods to determine who to hire. You might have an interview over the phone, in-person, or on video. There might be an assessment test for skills or aptitude. And a background check might be required, depending on the position. This can include reference calls, checking for a criminal record, and drug screens.

3. Start job

The company offers you a job and you accept. Smooth sailing from here, right? Of course, you have more to do. You need to know the dress code and where/when to start. You need to complete some additional paperwork to verify your work eligibility, prove that you read the handbook (if one exists), and provide information so you can be paid. Don’t want to forget that step!

As you can see, each stage of the hiring process includes many details to get right before you settle in to a great new job. Find a great staffing company to help you navigate the process so you can start in a position that’s a great fit for you, quickly and seamlessly.