Even in times of higher unemployment, employers struggle to find employees for job openings. How is this possible and what can be done about it?

The biggest challenge is awareness: you need the right people to know that you have a job opening. This also means that you must use the right medium to attract and interest your optimal employee. It often takes a marketing mindset to do this the right way.

For example, perhaps your next employee is an avid Facebook user. To attract them, you’d need to make sure your positions are all posted on Facebook in a clear and inviting manner. You might need to boost them (that’s Facebook-speak for paying money) to a specific audience. You also need to consider social posts and engaging with others on the platform so you can optimize your presence within the Facebook algorithms.

When it comes to awareness, your existing employees can be your best source to fill openings. Make sure they know exactly what skills and experience you are seeking. Because your employees understand how you work, they are a great judge as to whether the new person will fit in. They also serve as a built-in mentor and friend at work, increasing the new hire’s chance of success.

Of course, all of this can be incredibly time-consuming, which is why places like Staffing Support Specialists exist. We do all the work of finding job seekers, interviewing them, and understanding their skills and experience, then matching them with the best employers. We really care to match employees with the best employer for them so that both sides are successful. If you need assistance in Southeastern Wisconsin, we’d be happy to help!

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