I’m a big fan of technology. Staffing Support Specialists moved to a fully paperless experience last year for job seekers and thank goodness: that (and a PPP loan!) got us through the pandemic lockdown.

Technology has many roles. It can serve as our:

  • Memory: Harry Potter fans, the cloud is our pensieve!
  • Conversation device: email, text, and social media
  • Information-sharing platform: no more writing your name on 20 different forms when starting a new job

All of this is great and introduces so many efficiencies!

At the same time, efficiency shouldn’t be your primary focus when filling a job opening or looking for a job. That’s when connection really matters.

And this is why great staffing companies are relevant even as technology advances. It’s connection – human connection.

Our team spends time understanding each job seeker’s skills, experience, and work objectives. We walk through relevant job openings to match job seekers with as many potential jobs as possible. We clean up resumés, provide interviewing guidance, and schedule job seekers for interviews.

On the flip side, our team works with employers to understand job openings and the work environment. We strive to quickly connect them with people who will be a great fit for their organization. When an aspect of a job makes it difficult to find good people, we let the employer know.

While technology may be our backbone, our success is found within our human connections. We deliver solutions for the problems of both companies and job seekers. It’s the perfect blend of human and machine!

Staffing Support Specialists has matched great candidates to the right role for over 20 years. Contact us to apply or fill an opening today!
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