People are often confused by staffing companies because many different types of staffing companies exist. At the same time, there are a few universal truths:

1) Staffing services should be free for you as an employee. A staffing company should be paid by the employer, not the employee.

No part of Staffing Support Specialists’ revenue comes from employees.

EDIT: I thought this was 100% true, at least for our region. However, just last week I heard about a local agency that charges their employees a fee, in addition to employers. If you are going to work with a new agency, definitely ask about this.

2) The more an employee is paid, the more money the staffing company makes. This seems like a good thing because we all like earning more money.

However, I personally experienced the downside of this many years ago, when a recruiter tried talking me into a job I didn’t want. Later, I discovered that he would make a large fee if I took that position.

Great staffing companies will care about finding the right match for both the employee and the employer, regardless of compensation.

Staffing Support Specialists does not compensate its Placement Coordinators based on placement fees, specifically to remove this as a potential conflict of interest.

3) One staffing company works with multiple – but not all – employers. There are always employers in your region who do not work with staffing companies. That said, staffing companies are a great one-stop-shop for exposure to many jobs at the same time.

When you work with Staffing Support Specialists, we try to present your resume to multiple employers of your choice, looking to quickly schedule you for several job interviews.