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Staffing Solutions for Light Industrial Positions

Light industrial work supports many industries in the world’s distribution system. These positions typically involve tasks from areas of manufacturing, assembly, and other types of manual labor. Nearly every product we use in our day-to-day lives has come from some sort of large or small-scale industrial work.

Light industrial workers may be responsible for tasks such as assembling products, packaging goods, operating machinery, and loading/unloading materials. They may also be involved in quality control and inspecting products. These essential positions often involve substantial physical labor and workers may be required to lift heavy objects.

As the goal of light industrial work is to help with the production and distribution of goods, many skilled professionals can experience growth from the production floor to quality assurance and even managerial positions.


Our Process for Employment

For Employers

As employers, we understand the unique needs and challenges that are faced during the hiring process. We customize solutions for each employer’s needs and lay out a strategy to accomplish them. To increase our reach outside of our online job board, we post on external job boards and perform “outbound recruiting”. In other words, we don’t just wait for candidates, we proactively search for qualified professionals until the position is filled.

For Candidates

The candidate experience matters to us, which is why we aim to understand you through a comprehensive recruiting plan and an in-depth interviewing process. Interviews can be conducted via phone, virtual call, or in person, while all paperwork is done electronically. Additionally, candidates don’t have to worry about filling out applications themselves because we take care of that for them.

In order to work with our professionals, we must understand their needs and career history. To do so, we conduct an in-depth personal interviewing process. We believe in creating solid one-on-one relationships, which is why we work with you during the entire process. We also develop and modify resumes so that we can better advocate for you.

Within 24 hours, you can expect multiple employment opportunities that fit your interests. How is this possible? We guarantee that candidate resumes are sent to employers within 24 hours of their personal interview, which can sometimes result in same-day interview requests.

We then coordinate interviews and organize job offers in the best interest of both employer and employee. Additional things we coordinate are drug screens, background checks, and onboarding paperwork. Even after employment is accepted, we continue to check in and assist with any questions either party has.

Industrial Positions We Typically Staff

We offer various temp, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. Below are some of the light industrial roles we typically staff:

  • General laborer
  • Testing Technicians
  • Quality Assurance
  • Assembler
  • Machine Operator (Brake Press, Punch Press, Laser, Saw, Bender, Turret, etc…)
  • CNC Setup and Programmer

Job seekers can check out additional and similar roles on our online job board.

Employers Seeking Light Industrial Roles to be Filled

For over 25 years, Staffing Support Specialists have placed over 10,000 employees across hundreds of Southeastern Wisconsin companies. We provide locally-based talent to employers across the Milwaukee area. You can rest assured that our professional services are the best in the staffing industry.

We value transparency throughout the process, as we are always honest about fees, new trends, or legal changes. We promise to present only the best candidates for each role through our in-depth process.

If you are an employer looking to fill light industrial service roles, please contact us.

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