This is tough to answer because there aren’t consistent definitions in recruiting.

For example, I recently read an online recruiting blog. Someone stated that “temp-to-perm” jobs take advantage of employees because they don’t withhold payroll taxes. When I responded that we withhold taxes, he said we don’t have “real” temp-to-perm jobs. Ummm, okay.

Don’t rely on labels. Instead, understand 1) the type of position and 2) whether it’s temporary or permanent.

Type of Position

Recruiting is about relationships. You’ll have the most success with recruiters who fill similar positions. While job titles need not be exact, a recruiter placing general labor will struggle to fill an executive opening.

Temporary or Permanent

Determine the business-need timeframe. Temporary hiring occurs when you need an expert for a time, or you have a surge in customers. Permanent hiring is your “regular” hiring to run a business.

People have all sorts of reasons to work in temporary versus permanent jobs. While some people want flexibility, most people do prefer the relative certainty of a consistent paycheck.

At Staffing Support Specialists, we operate using a temp-to-perm model. We strive to match people with long-term positions. They are employed by us for about three months. Employers pay a markup, which is how we are paid. After about three months, the employer hires the employee directly.

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