Finding and hiring the right talent can be daunting for any company. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you will likely face challenges when it comes to staffing your organization. This is where Staffing Support Specialists can be a valuable asset.

Staffing agencies typically work with a variety of industries and offer specific types of employment such as temporary, contract, or direct hire placement. In this article, you will learn more about how staffing agencies like Staffing Support Specialists can help your company with employment needs.

5 Benefits of Working With Staffing Support Specialists

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1. Prevents HR Work Overload

Staffing agencies have expertise in the recruitment process and can guide best practices. We have a thorough understanding of the job market and can help your company navigate the challenges of hiring in a competitive job market.

We also act as an extension of HR departments, helping to alleviate stress and work overload. As staffing specialists, we have a comprehensive interviewing, screening, and onboarding process that streamline workflow in other departments. Your company can focus on other issues with the assurance that we are working hard on your behalf to provide swift and effective employment solutions. 

2. Decreases Cost

The employment process can be expensive when you factor in the time and resources required for recruiting, screening, and training new employees. A staffing agency can help your company save money by reducing the costs related to recruiting, as well as costs incurred by not filling a needed position.

At Staffing Support Specialists, we can also help your company with worker’s compensation, unemployment, and insurance costs. In addition to freeing up your company’s resources, this also reduces your risks related to these complicated topics.

3. Save Time & Resources

The hiring process is time-consuming. It can take away from your company’s core business activities. A staffing agency can help reduce the hiring time by providing qualified candidates who have already been vetted for the position. This means that your company can quickly fill open positions without compromising on the quality of the candidates. 

4. Trial Before Hire

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly for your company in terms of lost productivity and resources. Staffing agencies can help reduce this risk by providing candidates who have proven they qualify for the position. This reduces the chances of your company hiring the wrong candidate, saving your company time and resources.

At Staffing Support Specialists, we offer you a chance to evaluate before committing to hiring directly. This is what we call our “trial period” for candidates and is frequently referred to as “temp-to-perm”. We constantly follow up with candidates and employers to reduce the misunderstandings that often occur during the early days after a new hire starts. Additionally, we proactively notify employers when a candidate’s “trial period” is ending, even though it means we will no longer be paid.

Not only is this a benefit when the staffing agency finds candidates, but employers increasingly ask Staffing Support Specialists to do a payroll “trial” for their own internally sourced employees.  In other words, the employer refers their candidate to Staffing Support Specialists until such time the employee demonstrates both performance and attendance qualities.

5. Expanded Search for Qualified Candidates

A staffing agency can provide access to a wide pool of talent that might not be available through traditional recruitment methods. Since it is our job to screen and interview for quality candidates, we have an extensive network of talent with varying skill sets and backgrounds, making it easier for your company to find the right fit for your open positions. 

In addition to referral or trial periods, Staffing Support Specialists can assist you with candidates you prefer to hire directly for a nominal “finders” fee.  Many employees value this option as they become the employer’s direct employee immediately.

Our online job board and expanded recruitment process give us the advantage to tap into many pools of talent. Your company will have more time and resources to recruit the open positions for which you do not need our assistance to fill. 

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Using a staffing agency can provide many benefits for your company. From access to a wide pool of talent to reduced hiring time and cost savings, a staffing agency can help your company internally and externally. 

What makes Staffing Support Specialists different than the rest? We are committed to our job seekers and employers, regardless of how we are paid. We pride ourselves on full and comprehensive recruiting for both sides. So, if you are struggling to find the right candidates for your open positions, or are considering lowering costs in the employment process, our team is here to help your company achieve its hiring goals. Contact us today! 

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