• Is Social Media Sabotaging Your Job Search?

    social-media-sabotaging-job-searchA study by Careerbuilder.com found nearly 2 in 5 companies use social websites to research job candidates. Without a doubt, your online presence is a factor recruiters take into consideration during the screening process.

    Think your online activity is private? Try a simple Google search for your name – what you find might reveal otherwise.

    If you’re serious about landing the job you really want, follow these tips to make sure you’re sending the right message to your potential employer online.

    1. Google yourself

    Be sure to dig at least few pages deep. Pay close attention to all social channels, particularly those that have been inactive for a long period of time – like your Myspace profile from back in high school.

    What should you be looking for? Keep an eye out for things like:

    a. Inappropriate photos
    b. Any type of negative/immature language or strong opinions, particularly about current or former employers
    c. Poor grammar, spelling and curse words
    d. Illegal activities
    e. Inconsistencies that conflict with your resume
    f. Association with “bad crowds” or extreme groups/associations

    TIP: Use a tool like Google Alerts to automatically monitor and notify you when your name is mentioned online.

    2. Review your privacy settings

    Anything you post online can become public. Social media channels regularly change their privacy settings and websites can “scrape” the internet for information and make your photos and messages public. Many social media websites now offer the ability to view your profile as public so you can see what a potential employer would see.

    3. Watch out for your friends’ postings

    Although you might do your best to keep your personal life off the internet, your friends might not be so cautious when taking part in activities like tagging you in photos. Also be cautious when posting on public figure and business pages – where your comments will NOT be private on Facebook.

    4. Be careful when leaving bad reviews

    It’s okay to leave an honest negative review if you had a bad experience, but if you leave the review under your Google or Facebook account, keep in mind your review will be public – and attached to your name and profile. For this reason, be sure your review is free of spelling errors and poor grammar use. Also, try to keep your review professional. State your case, but avoid wild accusations and a general tendency to be too negative.

    5. Watch out for associations that are too controversial

    If you are associated with groups or associations that might be considered controversial, consider using a “pen name” for any public contributions to the group online.

    The bottom line is this – before you post anything online, ask yourself…“Would I be embarrassed if a potential employer, parent or mentor viewed this?” If the answer is yes, either don’t post it or clean it up.

    Remember, with more and more employers using the web as part of their regular screening process, their first impression might be your Facebook page – not the interview!

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