In the world of job hunting, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths. One of those particularly persistent beliefs is that bypassing a staffing agency can lead to higher earnings. However, it is essential to set the record straight and understand the valuable role that staffing agencies play in the employment world.

In this blog, we will address the myths surrounding the notion of making more money by not working with a staffing agency and shed light on the benefits they offer to both employers and employees.

Misconception: Staffing Agencies Restrict Earning Potential

One of the leading reasons why people may believe they can make more by skipping staffing help is that there are some employers who choose to change their expectations or pay after working with a staffing agency. Some employers work with staffing agencies to understand a candidate’s capabilities. After assessing their abilities and qualifications, they may increase the wage offer. Although this can be beneficial to candidates that deserve a higher wage due to experience, this is an unfair practice of concealing wage expectations.

Additionally, some employers might pay the employee less to compensate for the fees that are charged by staffing agencies. Employers should never put candidates through these situations. Here at Staffing Support Specialists, we urge our clients to be transparent and honest about their wage expectations because that is the best policy. Employers should never pay employees doing the same job different or lower wages. We believe in equal pay for equal work!

To prevent this from happening, we have many processes in place to benefit employer and employee alike. By utilizing the services of a staffing agency, employers can gain valuable insights into a candidate’s experience, skills, and work ethic before making long-term commitments. Because you have one place to evaluate multiple job openings, this further improves the job-search process over trying to find a job on your own.

How Staffing Agencies Ensure Equal Earnings

1. Educating Employers on Cost Savings

Staffing agencies provide comprehensive solutions that extend beyond recruitment. We handle various administrative tasks, including onboarding, employer taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation costs (just to name a few things).

By outsourcing these responsibilities, employers can save valuable time and resources, ultimately leading to cost savings. This means that employers can quickly fill open positions without compromising on the quality of the candidates. This would eliminate the reason for employers to change wage expectations or pay an employee less (due to staffing agency fees) because the benefits clearly outweigh the fees in the long run.

2. Competitive Market Research

Staffing agencies possess market information and industry expertise, enabling them to provide employers with valuable insights into competitive wages for similar roles. This information often leads to increased compensation for candidates hired through staffing agencies and is yet another argument against the misconception that working without a staffing agency yields higher pay.

The wide network of employers and opportunities that come to a staffing agency means that candidates have endless opportunities to interview for. Additionally, by utilizing an agency’s network, you have access to opportunities that might not otherwise be available to the public, giving you a competitive edge in the employment market.

3. Direct Hire and Diverse Opportunities

Many agencies offer flexible solutions to cater to different employer needs. While temporary staffing may involve fees for each week worked, there are options for direct hires. In these cases, employers pay a finder’s fee when a candidate is hired into a permanent role. At Staffing Support Specialists, we can offer a direct hire option on day one. So instead of paying a fee for each week of work, the employer pays a finder’s fee at the time of hire.

Another approach provides employers with the opportunity to assess a candidate’s suitability while still offering a path to full-time employment. This also provides candidates a chance to evaluate before committing to hiring directly. This is what we call our “trial period” and is frequently referred to as a “temp-to-perm” approach. We constantly follow up with candidates and employers to reduce the misunderstandings that frequently occur during the early days after a new hire starts. Additionally, we proactively notify employers when a candidate’s “trial period” is ending, even though it means we will no longer be paid.

4. We Work with Employers That Are Ready to Work with Us

It is true that some employers may pay slightly lower wages to compensate for the fees charged by staffing agencies. However, it is important to emphasize that employers should never engage in unequal pay practices.

Here at Staffing Support Specialists, we believe that our services/solutions may not be for all employers. And employers who may not agree with our policies and beliefs may choose not to work with us as a staffing agency– and that is perfectly okay! We urge employers to find an agency that reflects their values and we understand that not all employers are ready to work with an agency.

Partner with Us

We share all this information to help eliminate the myth that bypassing a staffing agency can be more beneficial for higher earnings. We are an incredible one-stop shop, offering several levels of opportunities based on wages, skills, and education.

Furthermore, we prioritize equal pay for equal work. This is a fundamental principle that should be upheld in all workplaces. While addressing any instances of wage disparity is crucial, it is equally important to recognize that reputable staffing agencies work diligently to ensure fair compensation for their candidates.

By dispelling misconceptions and recognizing the value of staffing agencies, we can foster a more informed and equitable employment landscape. If you are curious how Staffing Support Specialists can benefit you, whether you’re an employer or employee, please contact us today!

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