Referral Staffing Services

How Our Referral Hiring Services Work

Have a candidate that you think is right for the job, but adding them directly onto your payroll isn’t right for you? Reduce onboarding risk with our unique Referral hiring services. We employ candidates until you are ready to hire.

In our Referral hire services, YOU find the employees, and Staffing Support Specialists is the employer. Here is how our process works:


Your source candidates: As the employer, YOU are responsible for sourcing candidates.


Temporary employment: Staffing Support will employ the candidate until you, the employer, are ready to hire them directly. We conduct the I9s, background checks, drug screening, payroll, and pay unemployment taxes and worker’s compensation insurance.


Seamless transition: There is NO minimum time before you can hire a referral employee directly onto your team – nor are there additional fees.


Proactive and transparent communication: We proactively reach out to employers while going through the referral onboarding process.

Partner with us to secure the perfect candidate

Benefits of Referral Hiring Solutions for Employers

When it comes to our Referral hiring services, we employ the employee until you are ready. Here are some benefits for our employers:

Reduced onboarding risk

Only pay for hours worked, minimizing financial commitment before you’re sure. This way you can ensure the new hire is a perfect fit before converting them directly to your team.

Sharing the risk

If the employee doesn’t end up being a good fit, Staffing Support bears the risk of unemployment instead of it being your responsibility.

Expert screening

From advertising and sourcing to background checks and drug screenings.

Seamless transition

Convert to a direct hire effortlessly, with no minimum time requirements.

Comprehensive support

We take care of payroll, taxes, insurance, and even offer employment coaching for your new employee.

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Our Referral Hire Fees Include:

This service fee includes these items:

  • I-9 processing
  • Background/drug screening (as you require)
  • Payroll processing and taxes
  • Unemployment taxes
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Employment coaching

Opportunities for Referral Hire Employee

This Referral hiring service is a flexible opportunity that gives you, the employee, the opportunity to:


No news is bad news. You will hear back from us regardless of the outcome.

Show your skills

Employees can prove their loyalty and reliability to the company by showing up on time, using their skills, and performing well.

Assess role fit

The referral phase of employment (before moving to the employer payroll) is a great time for employees to assess if the role is right for them or not.

Ability to convert instantly

There are no wait times or minimum hours required to be converted directly under the employer’s payroll.

Expert coaching support

During your time, our expert team will be there to help coach you through the first days at your new job, ensuring you are getting the most from your experience.

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Industries and Roles For Direct Hire

We find that employers have different needs when hiring and sometimes a direct-hire approach works best, including for the following roles and industries:

Note: While there are some roles we do not have on our payroll, we can pivot to our Temp-to-Perm or Referral hiring services.