Customizable Services

We operate on a variety of hiring models for a cost-effective solution to your job placement needs. All services are 100% customizable and we can provide a cost comparison to help you identify the right approach.

Direct Hire

Since we are placing vs. recruiting, our direct hire services are an economical option for times when hiring is more cost effective than temp-to-perm.


Through this approach, candidates work for us for 90 days or 500 hours. You can then hire the employee and you will be notified to ensure you aren’t mistakenly paying once the term is over.

Professional Employer Organization

Ideal for smaller companies without a dedicated HR department, we become your HR branch through our PEO services. The employee stays on our payroll and receives benefits such as health insurance(dental/vision), 401k, and more.

Temporary Assignments

Specific shifts or periods of time such as 6 weeks or two months.

Trial Before Hire

You do the recruiting, we take the risk. Trial before hire is ideal for positions with higher turnover and risk. You only hire those who you believe to be a good fit.

Seasonal Employees

Simplify the hiring process and reduce turnover with seasonal employees.

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