Looking for a job can be intimidating. The recent COVID-19 pandemic drove a record number of people to lose their jobs, which was scary and stressful for many people and families.

At the same time, many companies are hiring. In addition to those businesses that you see – grocery stores, convenience stores, delivery services – there are businesses that aren’t as visible, especially in manufacturing. General labor, assembly, welders, machinists: these positions remain available and open.

How Do You Find These Jobs?

Many positions are posted online, whether directly on a company’s website, a job website like Indeed, or a staffing agency’s website.

Additionally, talk to family and friends when you are looking for a job. Not only might they know about job openings that you couldn’t find on your own, but they might also serve as a referral, which could increase your chances of securing an interview.

How Many Jobs Should I Apply For?

You’ll hate this answer, but here it goes: it depends. If you can find a well-paying, full-time job, then you only need one job.

Of course, you won’t necessarily get the first job you apply for, so yours is a reasonable question.

You should apply for as many jobs as you can handle the full interview and follow-up process. If you apply to more jobs than you can track and manage, you might drop the ball during the interview and hiring process and lose an opportunity.

This is where a staffing agency can be helpful. It can serve as a one-stop-shop for many job opportunities. When you find the right agency for the types of positions you’re seeking, they can explain both the companies and the positions, then present you to many employers at the same time and coordinate interview scheduling on your behalf. A great staffing agency will introduce you to companies you might never have found on your own and then save you time through the hiring process.

Why Am I Struggling To Find A New Job

There can be many reasons why you’re struggling, including having unrealistic expectations about the types of jobs available in your area or an influx of applicants battling you for the same roles.

Below are a few more potential reasons you’re having trouble and how you can either avoid the problem altogether or work through it to find a great position for you.

Job mismatch

There might be many jobs open in your area, but if you don’t have the basic required experience, education, or desire to do the job, then those jobs can be irrelevant to you.

Were you ever reluctant to eat a new food, then found out you liked it after trying it? The same can be true with jobs. Be willing to try new things that you might not have either a ton of experience in or even think you might enjoy. A great staffing company could find a temp-to-perm position where you can try out a job before making a longer-term commitment.

Small companies don’t always post openings online

Every day we hear companies bemoaning the fact that they can’t find employees. At the same time, some great, family-led companies are too small to have dedicated staff for hiring, so they might post signs in front of the building or only work with staffing agencies to find workers.

Take advantage of the warmer weather in the near future. First of all, it’s good to get some fresh air and clear your mind while stopping by restaurants, shops, industrial parks, etc. to see if they are looking for any new help.

Online overwhelm

While there are many jobs posted online, it can be so easy to click and apply. Unfortunately, people who aren’t serious about the job will put their name in, but never follow up. As a result, companies might not take online applications as seriously and struggle to follow up with everyone who applied.

If you find a role that you think you might be a great fit for, go the extra mile with your application. It’s easy to just upload a resume and hit that apply button but find ways to stand out from the crowd a bit more, whether that’s sending a personalized email to the HR team or going to the office itself (if permitted) and introducing yourself.

This is another area where a great staffing agency can be helpful. If you are a great fit and you really want a particular role with a company that works with the staffing agency, they can also serve as an advocate for you.

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